Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trio Nouveau

Keith Bowers, Guitar
We were excited when we realized Trio Nouveau was setting up right next to our table out on the rooftop deck at Prima. I  LOVE sketching musicians and love the festive atmosphere on Prima's deck.

But once again, I only managed to capture 2/3 of the trio. Someday I'll get all three of them, but probably not at Prima. As soon as they realized we were planning to sketch, the staff politely let us know they didn't want us tying up the table too long. So we tried not to overstay our welcome and vamoosed shortly after we finished dinner. Oh well, we're just gonna have to find more sketcher-friendly venues for sketching musicians.
Troy Chapman, Guitar


  1. You really captured their character and likeness. Great sketches! Love their music too! Ya, didn't feel very welcome there. Oh well. They just don't know how famous the sketchers are!

  2. Lovely! You so captured the feeling of the day! What? You didn't feel welcome? Those sillies.