Monday, September 12, 2011

Lovely Afternoon at Sue and Dan's

The weather was perfect. The setting idyllic. The gardens sweet and old fashioned. The sketchers and writers spread themselves out in the landscape. We went to see the sculpture forest at Ivan and Sarah's house. I was so moved. It was an ideal day. Thanks to Sue and Dan  for such a sweet experience. These two sketches are two halves of one....but I'm not so clever as to know how to stitch them together.


  1. I just love this sketch, Phyllis! You captured the scene so beautifully. It's very special to me. (I took the liberty of changing "Van Etten's" to "Sue and Dan's" since Dan has a different last name. It's Pedersen.

  2. This is beautiful, Phyllis. It really conveys the summertime essence of our tranquil setting here in the woods. Thank you for joining us.

  3. Beautiful, Phyllis. So fresh and spontaneous. There's a freedom to your work I just love. It's what I strive for but rarely achieve. It's a wonderful feeling.