Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun with Goats

We came to Sonshine Alpaca Farm to draw alpacas, but the goats turned out to be much better models than alpacas - or chickens for that matter.  Sweet, funny, curious, personable and generally adorable, they really seemed to enjoy the attention.  They also know how to strike a pose and hold it for a while. They nuzzled us, nibbled on us, peered over our shoulder, closely inspected our art supplies and kept us laughing all afternoon. I tried to forget the fact that I saw the term "meat goats" on the website.


  1. These are great descriptive sketches! I especially like the personality of the first one!

  2. Your sketches are as delightful as the goats!

  3. I loved those goats, especially the first one you sketched. Did he have a #18 tag on his ear, or did all of them. Great sketch of him. Looks just like him (or was it a her?)