Thursday, December 30, 2010

Langley After Hours

We started with six sketchers in yesterday's nine hour sketch-a-thon. Four sketching venues in one day might be a record for us. But only two of us had the stamina to make it through to the end. Another great dinner and a few sketches at UBC, then on to Prima for one last sketch.

Some great hair at Useless Bay Coffee last night. I call this one Goldilocks.
Rapunzel sat down next to Goldilocks.
Eating Dinner at Useless Bay Coffee

More diners at Useless Bay Coffee

He had a date, but they left before I got to her.
One last sketch and a nightcap at Prima


  1. Goodness. You were prolific on wednesday! I love Goldilocks the bestest of all. Gentle flowing lines but nice energy.

  2. Yes, it was definitely a "sketchcrawl." Seems to take me a few hours just to warm up. The success of Goldilocks may be due to Sherryl's counsel. I hesitated at this point and confessed I was itching to put some black lines on it. She told me not to touch it - several times. So I didn't, and I got the black lines out of my system on the next drawing.

  3. Sue, your love for sketching really comes through with these sketches. They are great.