Thursday, December 23, 2010

Callahan's Firehouse Glass & Gadding about Langley

The Glory Hole
Sketching at Callahan's Firehouse Glass Studio and Gallery was great. I tried to capture the glory hole, where all the magic happens. I'd love to go back sometime and try to capture Callahan in action, Suzy the dog and some of the gorgeous art glass on display. If you're looking for a last minute gift, this is the place.
"The Hat" with actress, Katie Woodzick
We stopped at Prima Bistro for an apres-sketching glass of cheer and were rewarded with some primo sketching subjects. We were pretty excited to find this guy with the Russian hat sitting directly across from us. Theater people, of course! Everyone had to draw him.

A rough sketch of the back room at Useless Bay Coffee at closing time.
Then on to Useless Bay Coffee Company to check out their new dinner service. I've been hearing about their fish tacos and was not disappointed. The place was packed and lively.Seemed like everyone was there.(This sketch does not convey the lively atmosphere - it was done just as we were closing the place about 8:30.) Everything was topnotch and we are all just thrilled about having a new casual place for dinner with great food.


  1. I think these are all great. I am particularly fond of the glory hole sketch. I really like the patterns, design, use of black and minimal color. I also like the backroom image. The transparent people and warmth are appealing.

  2. I like the transparent people too! The final sketch seems very free and easy. Like it!