Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Kitsch at Community Thrift

Community Thrift was a great sketching venue. So much great kitsch to draw and lots comfy chairs and sofas to sit on. And the staff loved having us there. We'll definitely be going back!

Not too pleased with this sketch, which I spent over an hour on. I kept trying to make it work by adding more and more darks and line work, but it never quite came together. Clearly, the area between the chests and the Santa is the problem area. I'd love to hear suggestions on what I should have done differently to make this more successful.


  1. I think the composition is lovely. Might it give more depth if the blue luggage were a cooler and slighter lighter tone? Try experimenting by doing another sketch or sketches of the composition with cooler colors in background or maybe a brighter red in his outfit. (e.g., the red color in the luggage on the left might work.} I like the simple movement of lines in the bear sketch.

  2. Consider contrasting complex areas against simple/open areas. You've got large/simple masses which help make it work. I wonder if filling in the blueish area between the complex area on the right and pink mass/box on the left might help. Before painting, cut out a painted patch to place over it to see.