Sunday, June 6, 2010

Captain Whidbey Inn

This is Wendy sketching under a beautiful chandelier in the lobby of the historic Captain Whidbey Inn outside Coupeville. I seem to have a thing for light fixtures. The Captain Whidbey is such a wonderful place to sketch, we agreed that we need to come back again and again.

A few of us did come back for drinks and a bite to eat Friday night. This is a couple of patrons having dinner in the bar in the early evening. The food was outstanding, by the way. If you haven't eaten there lately, do. You won't be disappointed. We had spinach salads, mussels and white bean salad - all highly recommended!

Another lamp in the lobby. This was actually part of a larger sketch that I ruined, which included the stone fireplace and ship on the mantel. I cropped out the offending parts.

 Here's the full sketch. Warts and all. This is for Kris, who claims she loves it.


  1. The lamp image you cropped was so cool! I loved it! You're a tough nut.

  2. I posted the full sketch just for you.

  3. Thank you! I find the patterns, textures and design rich and delightful! It's somewhat abstracted. I love that aspect about it.

  4. So do I, Kris! I thought Sue's "offending parts" were very cool. Sorry, Sue. You're outvoted. We really like it!

    Love the postings from the Captain Whidbey. Makes me want to run up there some evening. What good P.R. for them!