Saturday, July 16, 2016

Race Week and Capn Whidbey

The deck of the Captain Whidbey Inn in high summer is perhaps our very favorite place to have happy hour and sketch. When the sun is out, there's no place better. There was a surprising amount of orange in my view yesterday afternoon.

 I liked this very quick sketch of a man leaning over the railing at the end of the Coupeville pier better than my overworked and belabored boat sketch.

A brush pen can be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. It's destroyed many a sketch. After all these years, values are still kicking my butt, so I try to "punch it up" with the brush pen.


  1. I love your pen lines--very sweepy-flow-y, offering lovely grace to your sketches!

  2. I love the simple sketch of the man leaning on the railing, but I think the composition of the boat sketch is great. Very strong shapes.