Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sky Root Farm

The weather was beautiful at Sky Root Farm last Friday.  We learned about Nervous Nellie, the goat who has triplets and didn't want more than two!  The pigs who really are piggy and mess everything up! And the meat goats who get five stars.  Nervous Nellie will find a new home, the babies, well, use your imagination.  The pigs will not have their rent renewed either.  Everything has to work in a sustainable manner.  The goats clear the fields of unwanted blackberries & fertilize, the ducks eat the slugs and fertilize.
We are establishing a new tradition of showing our sketches before we leave or at Happy Hour.  A glass of wine under the trees at Sky Root on a warm summery day was wonderful.
Elle, a garden intern from Illinois washing radishes

Kohlrabi with tub, washing station and barn in background

This was done from a photo.  Nervous Mom and three babies.  She only wanted two! OR ONE!

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