Monday, January 18, 2016

Taking a costume trip thru time.

WISK, thanks to Judith, had the fun of sketching in the costume loft once again.  This year we planned it differently and lined up sketchers to model, rotating throughout the afternoon.
I had fun to creating stories around their characters.

Sherryl was a drinker, smoker, who spent her day in a dressing gown talking on the phone.
Bess, was from the forties, waiting at a station somewhere, clutching her purse fearfully, with her bag by her feet.  Running away from home?  Meeting her military boyfriend....?
Judith, took on the glamour role also, with her take on Mardi Gras, glitzy mask, and glittering jacket.
While I waited, I did a quick sketch of the coat rack with a couple of dresses slung over waiting for their role in the drama.
Coats and dresses

Sherryl Darling!

Bess and Judith

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