Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Day Sketching at Saratoga View Home

I had a sweet, low key New Year's Day afternoon sketching with Paula, Cynthia and the gnat at Saratoga View Adult Family Home. The Christmas tree was bare, save for one single ornament hanging underneath from the bottom branch.  Not ready to go back in the box, I guess.

We all adore Paula's mom Evie, who lives at Saratoga View now.  She is the sweetest, cutest and happiest 98-year-old. She seemed to enjoy our company even though she kept nodding 
off while watching the Rose Bowl. 


When my Lamy pen went dry, I picked up my Pental brush pen and drew Cynthia in profile, wearing one of her signature Hermes scarves. Love that hair!


  1. WOWEE ZOWEE! Pentel brush pen!! You are on to something here, no? The lines are sumptuous and bold and the colors are vibrant and lively!!! Fantastic illustration!

    1. Thanks, Judi. Brush pens are bold, but you're making a real commitment to every line. Once it's down, it's down.

  2. Sue, you've committed to those lines beautifully. Fluid and sure. There's a delicacy to the tree I really like, it's sensitive and lovely. Great variety in all your lines which brings interest. The bold brush marks are captivating in the last image. It could be abstract and remain so. Nice work, all.

  3. Fabulous sketches Sue! Love the line variety.