Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sketching at Pat's: I Love Fridays

It probably gets tiresome hearing us say "another great day of sketching and partying with great friends" week after week after week, but it's the truth. That's what Fridays have become. Whidbey Island Sketchers has become a family - the kind of family that nourishes your spirit and that you're always glad to see. This Friday we gathered at Pat's place. There is beauty and whimsy everywhere,  thanks to Pat's vision, creativity and years of hard work.  But many of us drew her laundry on the line. How othen do you get to draw clotheslines? I think she hung it especially for our drawing pleasure. Cause that's what family does, eh? Thanks, Pat, for creating such a beautiful space. We will miss it when you move, but I'm confident the next place will be even better.

Linens on the Line
Barb was dressed for a fancy garden party that she was going to later in the afternoon. She was looking rather regal as she listened to Kim's coaching on matters of the heart. Barb's long neck and fun head gear always makes her an attractive sketching subject to me.

Barb: Woman in Gold
I pulled out the sketchbook again at dinner at Portico, our new Latin bistro.

Handsome Chef/Owner at Portico
The  Lovely and Charming Katie Lawson

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  1. Beautiful sketches, all. Love the line work. And of course the washes.