Friday, May 22, 2015

Anne & Patrick Ferry Brennan

 To our most gracious magical and loving hosts, Anne & Patrick, a hearty "thank you!"  A fine Friday afternoon sketching with us all scattered about the Ferry-Brennan expansive gardens and buildings.  Such a fun day ... the creativity abounds.  This sketch is too large for my printer, so I had to chop it in half ... but it's a riff off their home, the mountains, clouds, sea painted on their home ... and a chicken I found in the green house, a painting I found in Patrick's studio ... all combined in a comic book Dali kind of a way.  Being around these creative folks, I just didn't want to draw a straight line.  You'd understand.

Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?

"Talk to the Hand"

I didn't intend this sketch to have the "Talk of the Hand" motif, but it just turned out that way!  Go figure!

The day felt like a day of sketching, wining and enjoying Anne's home made pizza and chocolate cake in a French countryside villa.  Oh joyous day!


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  2. "Talk to the hand" is my favorite sketch of the day! I hope you're including it in the note card series.