Saturday, April 11, 2015

Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center

Who knew it would be so peaceful and relaxing to just sit among cages of cats? I set my chair where I could see at least 8 cats from my seat. Of course they moved as soon as I thought I had their gesture, so I just sat quietly and got to know them and tried to memorize their last posture. I got to know their names, and a little about their history and personalities. I fell for a sweet girl named Mew Mew. Oddly I didn't sketch her. My 10 year old grand daughter, Sarah, was with us for Spring Break. I think she captured Charlie 1 quite well. Thanks to Oak Harbor Cat Adoption staff for keeping these sweet kitties so clean, odor free, well fed and clearly well loved. 

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  1. ME ENCANTAN!!!!
    TENGO 8.....