Friday, April 10, 2015

Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center

We had a wonderful, relaxed afternoon sketching cats at WAIF's Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center today. We were SO impressed with the friendly staff, volunteers and the quiet, uncrowded, odorless, relaxed environment. Most of the cats had a green cube in their kennel where they could hide from prying eyes if they wanted to be alone. Great idea for reducing the stress of shelter life. Kudos to WAIF. We love hanging out with animals and animal lovers.  Here are just a few of the furry friends we made today.

They each have their own kennel, but they like to hang out together. If you meow at Mew Mew, she answers.
Love the attitude. Seems pretty proud of those big white paws. Maybe he's saying "See? No claws."

Daffodil has been in the shelter a year - too long! Could a girl get a break?

Dartanian has amazing green eyes that are particularly stunning against his green cube. He gave me a good swat when I reached inside his kennel.  Could be why he's been there 2 years?? Jeez.


  1. These are so sweet, hope they find a home!

  2. Great ' I adore these. You have a special touch.