Saturday, November 1, 2014

Italy with a Sketchbook

This is the Whidbey Sketchers site, but the sketching addiction extends far and wide!

But, I couldn't resist trying to put it all in....including the pomegranite tree. Much time spent
gazing out on this over dinners and wine!

Color and boats, how could I resist? 

Italy is simply filled with light and color, windows, doorways,!

This is a small fragment from  the Abbey of Sant Antimo, near Montalcino, that dates back to the year  814. It is near the Via Francigenia, the old pilgrim route from Cantebury to Rome.
Thrilling to hear  Gregorian Chant from the interior.

An icon of Tuscany between Montalcino and Montepulciano.
Its a traffic stopper, we stopped, sat on the hillside, sipped wine and sketched.

Pitigliano,  I could not do it stepping back into the middle ages.

One more icon, the Roman Colosseum

 And the blue blue Mediterranean, this is the Bay of Naples from a rooftop on our last night in
Sorrento, the cloud is hanging over Mt Vesuvius.


  1. Wonderful, Faye! I can hear the sounds, smell the aromas and feel the sun; I hope you will be teaching another class next year as I missed the ones before...

  2. These are SO wonderful, Faye. I really enjoyed seeing these.