Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween at Studio 106!

Thanks dear WISkers for making Halloween so dang much fun this year! The costumes were magnificent, the food fabulous, the sketching endless, and Studio 106 was pulsing with laughter and creative energy. Paula was magnificent as Queen of the Night just stopping by for awhile on her way to the opera. Nothing could make Judith look spooky, not even her cracked china doll face. Her inside out jacket was a stroke of genius. Of course Mary, with her new hair do, nearly stole the show. But wait! Miss Piggy posed provocatively for us, moving only to sip her wine. Kathy the skeleton, took a yoga break. Sherryl looked rakish in her top hat fascinator, and Sue's spider head dress scared us all. Faye underwhelmed us a bit as a purple crayola but she got points for creative thinking. Ann may have been a ninja warrior dressed in all black. Tricks and treats all around!

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