Sunday, September 21, 2014

Djangofest Joy!

How could I leave my sketch kit at home on Djangofest? Well, I did. And didn't want to leave the festivities to go home and get it. So I grabbed a sketchbook from Studio 106 and a regular writing pen (very water soluble), and hit the streets. I can't remember enjoying Djangofest quite so much! The bass player was at the Commons when I sketched him (he was all over the place!), and was standing relatively still. The beautiful young man wearing "mostly just his skin and a feather" (quote Judi Nyerges) was standing very still. Who could resist him? The other two I caught very on the fly and were in two different locations. The guy standing was in front of Callahans and the seated guy was at OM. I thought the music was spectacular, the people watching fabulous, and the sketching fast and furious. What an amazing event!!

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