Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pig Peace Sanctuary

Another successful outing for the WISkers. Who knew a pig sanctuary would be such a....well.....such a sanctuary! Owner and pig whisperer, Judy, gave us an informative tour and introduced us to many of her 150 pigs. We came prepared for mud and stink. Neither was in evidence anywhere. The place was neat, clean, fresh and populated with happy pigs. A high point was when Judy wheeled out a huge container of carrots and instructed us to fling them onto a giant concrete patio below where we were standing. She rang a bell as we flung and pigs of all sizes came running from every direction. Everyone looked so joyful flinging carrots for pigs! Sketching pigs was not so easy. I have many pages of undecipherable lines. There are two sketches of Charlotte because she laid down right next to the fence and didn't move very much. Thank you Charlotte. And thank you Judy for the work you do and for hosting us so wonderfully.

1 comment:

  1. I love your Charlottes. She is a good poster girl for the sanctuary. So relaxed, contented, trusting and happy. The pastels and the eye lashes give her the look of a sweet, sleeping angel pig.