Friday, August 15, 2014

Claudia Pettis' Welsh Sheep

Were I a sheep, I'd want to be Claudia's.  She provides exquisite forever homes to her ewes ... some had snowy noses and Chuck said they were very old ladies.  Sweet, gentle, friends with beautiful chickens who scratched the dirt amongst the sheep.  (I recently read that chickens scratch the dirt, eat the insects, and lower the fly problems around farm animals.  Well ... I saw beautiful chickens, some bees ... included mason bee homes provided nearby ... and no flies!)  Apples, pears, peaches galore.  What a natural haven.  Thank you Claudia & Chuck!  This sketch was an experiment ... I accidentally grabbed print paper rather than water color.  It both grabbed the paint, changing the texture, and softened the edges.  Oh well!  Trying a new illustration-like style, too, just to change things out.  Looks like these beautiful black sheep are snoozing, and eh ... counting sheep!

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