Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chilling at Bailey's Corner Store

Bailey's Corner Store is quintessential Whidbey Island. Quirky, earthy, a little rough around the edges, festooned with voluptuous hanging begonias everywhere and serving up some of the island's best burgers. But mostly it's just an old country store with a gas station, a machine repair shop, the oddest, tiniest bar you've ever seen, and a covered front porch and patio where everyone hangs out, including the begonias.  Last night we needed a cork screw to open our bottle of wine and their only cork screw was broken. So the friendly young proprietress sent one of her kids over to Grandma's to borrow one. Only on Whidbey. As one loyal patron who came to celebrate her twenty-first birthday told us, it's the best place to chill on Whidbey Island.


Ukelele Player and Singer


Sketcher Barb capturing the action

Hanging Begonia

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