Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching up on posting . . . .

 This is my sketch from this weeks meet-up at the Lavender Wind Farm in Coupeville, with the Anacortes Sketchers. A lovely time in a lovely place.  I wish I could identify all the songs and calls of the birds I heard yesterday - the tweets and chirps were probably sparrows and swallows. Then there were mourning doves, crows (of course), eagles, and red-wing blackbirds, and a happily crowing rooster. Of course, there were many others I recognized but couldn't identify. The tall bright red flowers in the garden were attracting crowds of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Other sounds - a bell in a marker buoy WAY down in the channel clanging in gentle rhythm with the waves, the thrum of passing freighter engines, and the sighing of wind in the trees and grass. And then there were the FRAGRANCES - of newly cut hay and lavender, newly distilled lavender oil and fresh air and the sea. My God, what a beautiful day to be alive and place to be alive in!
 — at Lavender Wind Farm.

Last week we met at the Sherman farm, also in Coupeville. Peaceful and pastoral also, but fragrant in another way. Here the smells were the aromas of the farm - cows, manure, pasture. And silage. Not as pleasant as the others, but the smell of a hard working, real farm. 

And here is my sketch of Fran and Ed's wonderful home, surrounded by gardens, and wide open to Whidbey Island's natural surroundings. 

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