Monday, December 2, 2013

Waif Cat Cottage

I met the king of cats this last week at the Freeland Cat Cottage.  He truly was king of the jungle with a great personality but also an automatic self defense response.  I discovered you could approach him from the back and give him a back massage, but please don't try petting this "little kitty" from the front if you value your skin.  He is not mean, just automatically defensive, a response to being cooped up day after day.
Robby is a Norwegian Forest Cat (the Maine coon cat has tufts in his ears).  This guy would be a wonderful, interesting companion, once he settled into your home.  Don't you need a King in your house?  I'll come visit him as he is very cool!

On the other hand we had a tuxedo cat named Rocky.  I think their names should be reversed.  Rocky is a little? chubby from his confinement, but beautiful, curious and mellow all at the same time.

Sherryl found a lovely gray tabby that spent the afternoon warming her up and Sue was all over the place testing all the cats, except Robby, for placement in her home and on her lap.  Just purr baby!  She will take you home.
Robby, hanging out on the floor

Robby on his roost!  He has beautiful eyes.

Rocky on the flannel pillow


  1. Wonderfully expressive cat portraits, Pat. There's a loveliness to their character, and the quality of painting. So loose and free. Great work!