Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dancing at the Senior Center

Wow! That was a trip! Loved the Friday Fun Band and watching everyone party and have a good time at the Senior Center. They start early at this place! It was difficult sketching moving people, so I just worked at trying to get down the gestures. Here's my Senior Center sketches. I added some color at home:

Later we headed for cynthia's for wine. I tried to capture Faye and Cynthia sitting across the table from me. Unfortunately I did not get Cynthia at all!

We sere talking ornaments and I told the story of mine being stolen, which discouraged me from continuing to collect, so Cynthia gave me a beautiful Santa ornament to get me started again. I did a goofy little sketch of it:


  1. These show the fun that everyone was having. What a good idea to sketch there!

  2. What beautiful motion you captured in the top one. These are all delightful!