Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hot Sunday at Tilth Market

Did anyone mention how hot it was on Sunday? It was HOT! I don't know why I thought it took less energy to just doodle, but I seemed to think it did. These are my doodles inspired by the many fabulous shapes that were wandering by. None of them stood still long enough to get a real drawing, so I was going for gesture and the general feeling of the figure. Thanks to all of them for coming in all their wonderful shapes and sizes. I was especially enamored with the woman in the striped dress. She was a really active one. She hardly stood still for a second. Mostly I made her up.....loved the dress! Hats are hard to was a great day for hats.


  1. Love, love, love your gesture drawings! Thanks for posting. But re-read your blog instructions re labels. ;-)

  2. and so where do I find my blog instructions? I want to do it correctly. I really do.

    1. Good question. I'll have to search them out. It's something I wrote. In a word document I think.