Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Being a DON GETZ groupie on the Odyssey USA Tour

I saw the info on the Don Getz Odyssey Journal Sketching Tour on both the Cheap Joe's newsletter and on information sent out by Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville. Though I knew I couldn't afford it, and probably shouldn't do it, I did it anyway. The money is spent, I'll never miss it, and it bought three days of the most incredible experience. Here are the sketches I did! Don Getz was a kind, talented, fun, giving teacher, who shared great stories!
DAY ONE - in a church parking lot overlooking Penn Cove in Coupeville
DAY TWO - At Ebey's in the marine layer fog. Chilly, but lots of people out walking the beach. Here is my classmate Kate, sketching away.
Sitting on the porch of the Masonic temple, all of us struggling to get a good sketch of the Anchor Inn, and all of us ready to throw in the towel because of all the angles. Of course, except for Don, who did a magnificent sketch.
For our last day of sketching Don had been given some suggestions for places to sketch, but it was obvious he did not know that we were just minutes from the Sketcher's Mother Lode! At my suggestion we drove to the Captain Whidbey Inn, where we sat down and never got up!!! Winning!! 

But, sadly, here is proof positive that no matter HOW EXCELLENT your teacher is, you can still ruin a good drawing with bad painting! Where was dear Don last night when I really needed him?!


  1. I really enjoyed participating in the workshop with you! Great sketches, too! You are very talented.

    It was an excellent workshop and it's too bad more people didn't attend.

  2. What lovely lively sketches you did in your workshop. I appreciate your sharing that you really shouldn't have taken the workshop, but did and really enjoyed it. That is encouraging to me. Come visit my sketching blog sometime,