Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sketcher's Retreat- Chez Barb

The long-awaited sketchers' retreat chez Barb met all our expectations. It had all the essential elements. Wine, women, fabulous food, laughter, story telling, buddy art, coloring books, sunshine, birds, flowers, cats, jammies and a cozy fire in the stove. Definitely the sketching event of the year. So far . . . .

Still Life at Breakfast Table

Pat Sketching in the Garden

Still Life at Breakfast Table#2


  1. These are so fabulous, Sue! So fresh, loose, clean and beautiful! And thanks for the link. I can post comments from Safari, but not from Firefox. Go figure.

  2. I love these Sue. I've never looked better and the fruit beats even that! 8-)

  3. Sigh. I just LOVE these. The flowers and bottles - *** sigh ****

  4. I love all of these but especially the one with Pat.
    Did we have a great time at chez Barb or what!

  5. Why am I leaving Whidbey again? And such amazing women? And artists? And beauty? Oh, right, Sun… I just want to take everything wonderful from Whidbey with me. If I get to move, Y'all better come down and visit.