Friday, June 21, 2013

Pat's Garden

Tis the season for Foxgloves.  While I sketched this beautiful stand in Pat's Garden, it's not reflected here because it happened so quickly, but a golden Monarch butterfly came and visited upon the flowers a moment or two.  Bees were a buzzin', birds a chirpin', sketchers a sketchen'.  Sun was popping in and out.  I tried to capture the sunlight coming through the blooms.

Then I sauntered over to a spot of sweet columbines among the beds of perennials...  

but I also had to capture the essence of Pat's garden ... she has such an eclectic assortment of found and otherwise gathered objects placed among her plantings.  This old bicycle has sedums in its golden baskets, and is part of a garden bed.  Sedums were here there and everywhere, to my delight.  Thanks, Pat, for a wonderful garden sketching experience!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on all of these! I envy your ability to channel Phyllis and Faye. I think my favorite is the fresh, airy columbine.