Saturday, May 11, 2013

Marian & Phil's Garden

We sketched in a delightful garden yesterday. I tried to capture the voluptuousness of of a lilac in full bloom overhanging an orange rhody next to the porch and garden path. Great garden design. It was a heady experience for the senses with all the colors and the air heavy with lilac perfume. Thank you, Marian and Phil, for a lovely afternoon of art, gardens and your warm hospitality. And the peanut butter cookies!

After the garden, we reconvened next door at Cynthia's for happy hour and happy talk. What a wonderful, nurturing group we have. Quoting Sherryl, earlier in the day, "Don't you love our tribe? Sketchers is something special."

Cynthia listens
This is our beautiful Cynthia, hostess extraordinaire, listening with rapt attention to the extraordinary conversation around her dining table. With her great hair, scarves and hats, I'm always drawn to her as a subject.


  1. The lilac and flowers is gorgeous! And the portrait is very compelling

  2. Thank you Kate! So sweet of you to stop by.

  3. Two beautiful sketches! You're abbreviating your line-work nicely. Punches up the WC. Which, of course, I love.