Friday, May 24, 2013

Betty and Larry's Gorgeous Garden

 Beaulah's House. Otherwise known as Sue's Office.
Yet again another blissful afternoon sitting in a magnificent garden setting with sun and birds and bees and flowers and breezes and sketchers scattered about. Somehow the afternoon whizzed by. I was completely entranced by these charming buildings nestled in the garden. You could see the whole world from the porch of Betty and Larry's lovely home. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of sketching. Thanks to Betty and Larry for inviting us into their space. I'm loving these gardens we get to visit and sketch.


  1. Phyllis, those a two gorgeous sketches. I can tell just by looking at them that you loved the setting.

  2. Gorgeous and gorgeous! I love that table and hatted human on the deck.

  3. I love that you noticed the perso and the table!