Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back From Mexico

So I'm back from Mexico. Faye and I blissed out in the warmth, did at least a sketch a day, did our daily water aerobics, talked, ate, drank margaritas, read, and were just simply there. We talked about how sketches help you remember a place so much better than photos. Looking at these sketches takes me back. I can feel it and smell it and even hear the birds. The top one is the view from the dining table on the terrace, the bottom one is the terrace for the master bedroom.


  1. Your sketches are so alive Phyllis! They really do create a sense of place!
    Thanks for sharing that place.

  2. SO beautiful, Phyllis. I've enjoyed seeing your Mexico sketches on FB and here. Such wonderful color and life. Thank you!!!!