Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mr. South Whidbey 2012

As a vote-counter sitting at the back of the room, far, far away from the stage, I don't have much time or opportunity to sketch at the Mr. South Whidbey Pageant, but I try my best. Last night I got a very quick and dirty impression of most of the candidates during their talent performance. This raucous event raised about $18,000 this year for the very worthwhile Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund. Way to go, South Whidbey!

Rocco Gianni belting out "If I Were a Rich Man"

Firefighter, Brian Vick, doing something with metal
Prima Bistro's Christian Albright, doing stand-up comedy

John Auburn of J.W. Desserts, singing in drag

Christian, being interviewed , I think.
Mr. South Whidbey 2012!! Nick Welles


  1. The winner is Nick Welles, barista at Useless Bay Coffee. And you did sketch him, he's the one with lots of hair and no face. Jim Wills made his entrance wearing the black wig, but passed it on to Nick for the talent portion. Nick wore it while singing and strumming Beatles songs. So, sadly, you got Nick but you didn't get Jim Wills, the post office painter. Thanks for the sketches and the money counting! Claudia Fuller

  2. Oh, that darn wig! That's what confused me. I'll make the correction. Thanks, Claudia.