Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travel Sketching on Trip to Baltimore

Managed some travel sketching on planes & Amtrak while back in Baltimore to teach a grad class at Goucher College.

Alumnae/Alumni House on Goucher College campus.

Sketching in Penn Station and on Amtrak, Baltimore to DC side trip to visit a friend.

Waiting at the gate between flights, Chicago O'Hare.

Final leg home - on the plane from Chicago to Seattle.


  1. Nice series! My fav is the Amtrak page.

  2. Thx Sue. Sketching is such a gift - definitely makes the travel time go faster!!!

  3. Fun! Love the one of the guy in the red shirt.

  4. Thanks Nat. I actually thought of you a lot when I was travel sketching since you like to do it as much as me.