Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Spirit Garden Oh My!

Okay, so it started with picking "our cup" from a selection of charming china tea cups, and then a choice of tea from an exotic list. I went for chai. A pot covered with a cozy arrived. And then a choice of soups. Yum. Would I ever get around to sketching? The day seemed long and lazy, filled with color, texture, shape.....so many places to choose from. This little garden shed had my name written all over it. Barb in her big sun hat called to me. And even though I don't much like drawing flowers and greenery.....what was I to do? I find it interesting that every sketching session involves sketching other sketchers somewhere along the line. I guess it's because they are generally all over the place....usually right in front of what I want to draw. Sketching is such fun! Oh.....and then the lemon cake arrived. Our hostess found me where I was sitting and delivered the very most delicious lemon cake ever. Does it get any better than this? Hard to imagine. 


  1. And I love your words for all this....so right.

  2. Yes, It gets better, you should have had the Gingerbread! Best ever!!!!