Sunday, January 8, 2012

An afternoon of painting

Spent this winter Sunday afternoon - all afternoon - painting,sketching, experimenting with different media and techniques.  Here are the results from today. 
2.  watercolor, Neocolor II water soluable wax pastels
1.  watercolor only
3.  pen, watercolor (and artistic license)
4.  pen and watercolor


  1. The very best way to spend a cold day! You did some wonderful portraits, so different from one another but all 'telling a story'.

  2. Thanks Jane and Missy! I had so much fun with these. I haven't settled on "my style" yet - still seeking it and trying lots of different things. The trouble is, they're all fun so I can't just pick one!!!

  3. Nice work! No need to pick just one, I say. I love the detail in the beard and mustache on #4 and the sensuous body language in #3.

  4. And congrats on getting these images to line up like this on the page. I'll bet it was a challenge!

  5. There is so much personality in each portrait. Great!