Sunday, November 11, 2018

Lopez Island trip to de Medici Ming Papers and more....

Well, I'm not the long-winded type but this past Friday, Saturday was special.  There is something about dropping time on a small Island with a bunch of friends that are meandering, sharing and enjoying the slower pace that happens when you leave to your got to's at home.
Our got to's were to meet at an early enough hour that we could meander up Whidbey to Anacortes to catch a ferry to Lopez.  We had two cars almost full and were meeting a couple of walk-ons sketchers at the ferry.  It was raining!!!  Didn't matter!!  Paula said it would stop by the time we got to Lopez!  She was right!!

No Rain!

We did the usual stuff checking in to the hotel, wandering around town, getting food from the Taco truck, Bakery, and coffee shop; then off to our appointment which was about 5 miles out of town.
Destination, a BIG yellow container full of art papers, stationary, calendars, cards, trinkets, and INSPIRATION!

We had to take turns poking around to find all the hidden treasures so, the rest of us hung out in the barn.  A barn full of treasures of a different sort; a large pachyderm, a minstrel, found lamps; saved scissors, saws, a collection of jam jars, lots more plus a wood stove to keep us cozy.   We opened the Happy hour supplies, sketchbooks and got to work.  Meanwhile, Terry, Caps husband, serenaded us with his original songs and guitar.  Time stopped!

Outside, the weather went from a drying mist to beautiful sunset and full dark with incredible color in the sky.  I forgot to mention we were surrounded by farms, fields and the goat farm which we visited the next day.  See Billy above.  He is golden in the sunshine, but very unkempt. I forgot to sketch his feet. 8-0!

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