Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good Friday Tablescape with Rebecca's PYSANKY EGGS

Here's a sketch of an Easter still life on a purple tablecloth, done between mouthfuls of Brussel sprout/walnut salad, artichoke dip and crackers, chocolate eggs, salami and WINE. Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Our Sketch-Out yesterday was at the home of member Rebecca Alden Rickabaugh in Freeland. It was a fine turnout of artists to sketch the labor and love intensive work Rebecca has done creating colorful and intricate Easter eggs, using the very old Ukrainian/Polish/Czechoslovakian art of Pysanky. She starts with a raw egg, uses a special tool to draw intricate designs on the egg with wax, then dipping them in dyes between each layer of design. In the end, when the wax is removed, the egg and all its magnificent colors of dye and line designs (where the wax was) is revealed. Thanks, Rebecca, for this peak into a fascinating old artform, and also for your hospitality in your art-filled home.

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