Monday, August 14, 2017

Sketching Alpacas at Pronkin' Pastures

Last week the sketchers went to visit Pronkin' Pastures, a wonderful alpaca farm in Greenbank. They raise alpacas and make wonderful yarn out of their fleece. A bonus was that there are several babies. One barely a week old, and a few who had been born in the past month. So fuzzy!

 These are the gals having lunch. The guys are in another pasture.
   This baby is only 5 days old.

 This one is standing next to her mom. She is two weeks old.
 This one was very sleepy, so I had time to sketch her in a couple of positions.

Back at my studio, I had more time to do layers of watercolor. This is of the 2 week old girl above. 

If you ever get a chance to visit, Pronkin' Pastures, it really is a great place to meet and learn about alpacas. You can find out about the farm, and dates and times for on visiting them here.

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