Friday, July 28, 2017


With the Sketchers today in Langley to sketch the street vendors and enjoy Kim Stokely's Marimba group performing at the Commons. I had no more than plunked myself down in my chair, under my umbrella, in the bright sunshine, behind the barricade in front of the vegetable stand, in the middle of the Second Street Market, than two kids sucking on big suckers crawled up into the Starboxx to have the obligatory in-the-Starboxx photo taken by their mother. The Starboxx is an art installation by John Alsip (or bus stop, or photo booth, or sculptural icon of Langley, whichever you choose) that sits in the parking lot, behind the newly remodeled rear entry of Prima Bistro, and the Star Store and Mercantile. As I already had the drawing done, it was a cinch to drop them into the sketch. I had only to reassure mom that their faces would not appear on the internet. Sorry Mom. I'm pretty sure no one will know it's them . . . !

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