Saturday, November 12, 2016


After what seems like a months and months, instead of just weeks, I joined a very small, but dedicated, group of Whidbey Island Sketchers yesterday to visit Treasure Island Antiques and Collectibles in Greenbank. Many delightful "treasures" to see and sketch - furniture, china, dolls, lamps, etc. I was (of course) immediately drawn to this reproduction sabre tooth tiger skull (which was right next to the reproduction "Predator" skull. Ew). I was also drawn immediately to Henry the Wonder Cat, a very sleek and handsome striped fellow, who gave us all a head-bump "hello" greetings, jumped right into my car to explore it, and happily did his "trick" for us - climbing up an 8 foot ladder to the roof of the building so he could survey everyone down in his domain. Treasure Island has many lovely things for sale, but I think I want Henry.

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