Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend

What a perfect day we had for the Wooden Boat Show!! For the first sketch I, once again, found a picnic bench with an empty seat and a terrific view. The scene was complicated as all get out, but I persevered and captured the feeling of the dock to some degree. The sun was shining, it was not too hot, sketchers and strangers stopped by from time to time for a look and a comment. All in all a very pleasant location. When I got tired of sun in my face I walked to the other side of the marina where I could look out at the open waters facing toward our sweet Whidbey and the sun on my neck. Again I found a handy bench with a place to sit and a place to put my gear. These two boats were coming and going taking folks for rides. If you look closely toward the middle of the deck of Lady Washington you will see Judi Nyerges getting sunburned. 

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