Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Richard LaLonde's Glass Studio

inspired by Picasso's "The Bathers"      pre-fired

our six slumped bowls, after firing

Richard LaLonde's Studio

Indeed, the places we go!!!!  A whole Tuesday at Richard LaLonde's glass studio with 5 other sketchers.  We were in Heaven!  Poor Richard, tho.  He had no idea how hard it is to herd sketchers! He had a lovely project planned for us, carefully thought to appeal to our inner sketchers.  He'd gotten all the materials ready ... BUT each one of us said, "Nope!"  An excellent teacher, he was on his toes!  He pirouetted and pivoted and changed course and made sure each of us had the experience we wanted.  We all proceeded in our own unique way, first creating a flat piece of glasswork and then creating a second slumped piece.   Above is my flat piece, a riff off Picasso's "The Bathers" ... a painting I've always admired.  Also, the 6 slumped bowls post-firing.... mine is the Frida.  The slumped bowls were quick spontaneous and fun pieces ...  Thank you, Richard!!!  

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