Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hookbill Aviary

Sketching at the aviary is always a great experience - the birds make sure we feel welcome with a VERY loud greeting (probably really about Sue's bag of bananas and Claudia's bag of unsalted peanuts). Natalie danced with a beautiful pink bird and Sherryl's green feathered friend sat on her shoulder and watched her paint for a really long time. 

It was balmy and cozy inside while the sky dumped rain outside. Such a fun day with the dancing, chatting and laughing birds. Plus, a terrific opportunity to use some bright colors!


  1. Wonderful captures, Jean! You got a lot done amid all the partying. These just make me smile.

  2. Wonderful sketches and great colors, the first bird is my super favorite !

  3. Love these, Jean. Think I was just too busy feeding the birds and gawking at them all.