Sunday, October 25, 2015

People on the Bus

Sherryl, Claudia and I boarded the number 1 bus at Bayview Park N Ride. And who do we find sitting in the front row grinning at us? Our beloved "you aren't drawing me, are you?" friend Robin Kinney Robbins, that's who! We were just tickled by the surprise. How Robin to just pop up on a bus out of the blue.  And of course I drew her! She's adorable. Then onward to Freeland to pick up Faye and a stop at Greenbank Farm Pie Cafe for coffee and a snack.

She who hates to be sketched.
On the ride back home, there were just tons of interesting characters to sketch.

He seemed to enjoy chatting to anyone who would listen.
He was carrying a pumpkin shaped like a big orange butt.

One of those hats with dangling pom poms. Cute.
Happy young woman with Downs Syndrome



Another great sketching birthday adventure for me. Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride!

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  1. It really was a fun day in the sun and that Apricot Cinder at Front Street Grill???, I'm still dreaming of it. A burst of fresh apricot, but fizzy. Love your sketches, Sue. You captured a cast of characters.