Monday, July 13, 2015

At the CAPTAIN WHIDBEY, after our Day at the Regency

OOOOoooooo, so glad to have my scanning and uploading capabilities back!!!
Here is a sketch of two Madrona trees begun while we were sitting having a glass of wine on the deck of the Captain Whidbey Inn in Coupeville, after our day at Regency. So this is a lesson in "when do you stop". The Sketchers said I should stop at step One (that is where I got to at the end of the wine). I kept going at home to step Two, where I should have stopped. Then tonight I couldn't leave it alone and got to step Three. I know, I know. I should have stopped. One never DOES know where to stop, does one????
"Stop here!" the Sketchers said. But I didn't.
"Stop here", I said. But I didn't.
"Stop Here", I finally said. I here was the place to stop, because the birds are here.

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  1. I rather like how you carried on until you stopped by putting a bird or few on it.