Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brenda Lovie's Couture Atelier

Being a Whidbey Island Sketcher, I never know exactly what to expect on a Friday afternoon.  We "get" to go places I know I'd probably NEVER see otherwise.  Yesterday was an intimate play session in the fascinating Couture Atelier of Brenda Lovie.  In her past life she was a skater ... then created those beautiful custom skate team "costumes" (is that the correct term?) we admire when we watch skating competitions.  Now, show-piece gowns, stunningly hand-beaded, hand-patterned, hand-sewn, hand-selected fabrics from NYC and beyond ... am I getting it across that this is all individual fabric art exquisitely created by Brenda?  Well, here's her daughter's Sweet 16 Dress.  I wish my paper were longer to capture the beautiful fabric roses at the bottom of the skirt!

And here's a work in progress ... we watched Brenda hand-apply beautiful Swarovski crystals to make this dress sparkle!  There's a lucky young woman - Sophie - for whom this dress is being lovingly handcrafted.

Thank you, Brenda, for opening your atelier to us!  And to John for the home-made delicious brew, and to Paula Pough for hosting our after-sketching gathering.  What fun we had ... felt like we were  children back in art class as we applied your sparkles to our Brenda Lovie sketches!  All in all, this ranks among the best Friday afternoons ever!!!!!!

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