Monday, October 6, 2014

Sketchers Sketching Sketchers at Bubba Burger

Well now, that was really fun! I had a Bubba dog, fully loaded, hold the jalapeno, and then got on with the sketching. A beautiful, warm, Fall day with good food, amusing entertainment, tons of energy, delightful customers, and plenty of WISk members sprinkled around. The Bubba Burger women are a show all by themselves. Their energy is infectious. They are worth the visit all by themselves. And THEN the happy hour afterwards at Kathy Lull's delightful home, where she spoiled us to pieces with all kinds of grilled fruits, veggies, and shrimp. All is all a very fun and satisfying afternoon. Thanks to Bubba Burger and to Kathy Lull!!!


  1. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful. Loved these sketches. Amazing!