Sunday, July 22, 2012

PNW Regional Sketchmeet: Tacoma

Lisbeth, Natalie and I represented the Whidbey Island Sketchers at the 1st Pacific Northwest Regional sketch meet in Tacoma yesterday. We had great time sketching, lunching and visiting with sketchers from all over the area. I never knew how beautiful and interesting Tacoma is! Thanks goes to Gail Wong of  Urban Sketchers Seattle for organizing this. Next regional sketch meet - Whidbey Island!

Chihuly's Ice Crystals on the Bridge of Glass which spans Interstate 705 in Tacoma.  

Credit to Beth of Urban Sketchers Seattle for the photo. (I stole it from her blog post.)
32 sketchers attended the Tacoma sketch crawl. In addition to we three from Whidbey, there were 4 who took the train up from Portland, 1 from Camano, 1 from Olympia and the rest from Seattle.

 I call this "Scene of the Crime." The crime may be what I've done to the drawing. It was unfinished when left The Swiss, where we had lunch. So I kept fussing and fussing with it at home this morning, trying to bring it to life. I added brush pen marks, paint splatters, I cropped it to try to bring forward the pot of geraniums. Now it looks like the aftermath of a gangland shooting.


  1. The only crime is you're too hard on the sketch. I really like "scene of the crime." . Nice composition and palette.

    1. Thanks Kris! Good to hear from you. But you must admit you'd expect to find a dead body riddled with bullet holes at the bottom of those stairs.