Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marathon Sketch Meet

It was one for the record books, I think. Great turnout of fun sketchers yesterday. Driven indoors by the cold and wind, we each managed one sketch of the windmill at Windjammer Park before repairing to Flyers Restaurant, where the real sketching began. So much fun!

Windjammer Park

Mike, Kris, Lisbeth
Beautiful young boy sitting at the next table.

I am a sucker for curly red hair.

It doesn't get much looser than this!

Couple at Flyers


  1. These are all so loose and wonderful. Your windmill is lovely but I especially love all the Flyers sketches. Cowboy is fab!

  2. They are wonderful! I think I like the loosest one the best. But then I'm also partial to the one with me in it. You caught the good side:)

  3. Also, The cowboy's hat is lariat like.

  4. What fun! And oh so prolific! Lots of good stuff here ...

  5. Thanks, all. I must confess I cheated a little. My colors on the cheap paper were feeling a little anemic, so I availed myself of the Picassa tools to punch up some sketches. I "warmified" one and "saturated colors" on a others.