Thursday, December 30, 2010

Langley After Hours

We started with six sketchers in yesterday's nine hour sketch-a-thon. Four sketching venues in one day might be a record for us. But only two of us had the stamina to make it through to the end. Another great dinner and a few sketches at UBC, then on to Prima for one last sketch.

Some great hair at Useless Bay Coffee last night. I call this one Goldilocks.
Rapunzel sat down next to Goldilocks.
Eating Dinner at Useless Bay Coffee

More diners at Useless Bay Coffee

He had a date, but they left before I got to her.
One last sketch and a nightcap at Prima

In the Children's Room at the Langley Library

Two brothers being read to by an older girl

Sumer at the computer with dad, Jesse

Mom reading Sumer a book about a cat

Julie sketching

Mom reading Sumer a book about a pink bird

Brothers reading Oops!


VIEW (the line across the paper is string that holds my sketchbook)
Here are a couple of views of what you see while hanging out in Langley, that little town by the sea.  Glass from Callahan McVays at the Firehouse and my view out the Library window.  I always wanted to sit there and look at the view. The dog is Callahans lab taking a stroll to the beach.

 Firehouse glass

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Afternoon in the Library

Great afternoon sketching in the Langley Library.  Great books, great characters.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Callahan's Glorious Glory Hole (by Julie)

Just a small sample of the gorgeous color and light to be found at Callahan's Firehouse Glass Studio in Langley.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Coupeville

A very Merry Christmas wish to my fellow Whidbey Island Sketchers.  Good cheer to you and here's to joyous sketching during the holiday weekend.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Communist Hat at Prima

A sketch of Aaron wearing a communist military hat at Prima Bistro. Aaron is the conductor of Whidbey Island Orchestra. We sketchers hope to capture them during rehearsal sometime soon. Also a few sketches from Uselss Bay Coffee. Tasty fish Tacos! Looking forward to trying the BBQ.

Callahan's Firehouse Glass & Gadding about Langley

The Glory Hole
Sketching at Callahan's Firehouse Glass Studio and Gallery was great. I tried to capture the glory hole, where all the magic happens. I'd love to go back sometime and try to capture Callahan in action, Suzy the dog and some of the gorgeous art glass on display. If you're looking for a last minute gift, this is the place.
"The Hat" with actress, Katie Woodzick
We stopped at Prima Bistro for an apres-sketching glass of cheer and were rewarded with some primo sketching subjects. We were pretty excited to find this guy with the Russian hat sitting directly across from us. Theater people, of course! Everyone had to draw him.

A rough sketch of the back room at Useless Bay Coffee at closing time.
Then on to Useless Bay Coffee Company to check out their new dinner service. I've been hearing about their fish tacos and was not disappointed. The place was packed and lively.Seemed like everyone was there.(This sketch does not convey the lively atmosphere - it was done just as we were closing the place about 8:30.) Everything was topnotch and we are all just thrilled about having a new casual place for dinner with great food.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Callahan's Magical Glass Menagerie"

"Glass Garden"
A secret garden filled with shining glass fish, chickens, squiggles and spheres sparkled in the afternoon sun at Callahan's Firehouse Glass Studio in Langley.   Suzy the dog greeted visitors with her soggy softball begging tosses.  The Whidbey Sketchers brought 
pencils and paper to capture
the color and fire . . . .

Friday, December 17, 2010

Backstage at WICA : Oliver!

One of Fagan's gang, I think
I had the privilege of sketching backstage during the pickup rehearsal of Oliver! at WICA last night. There are dozens of children in the cast - all moving from activity to activity in the green room while they waited for their next entrance on stage. Hard to capture a moving target, as you might guess.

These three brothers settled down together on a bean bag to read a book.

The makeup table with diagrams on the wall for applying makeup for different characters

Oliver! runs through this Saturday.

Timbuktu and China City

You'd think by the title I'm a world traveler. Whidbey is it's own world, but maybe someday I'll venture off the rock. Here's my sketch from the wonderful coffee shop, Timbuktu. And a couple from the bar at China City...

Timkuktu counter with goodies. Everything is yummy!

Cruiser and a friend.

A guy at the bar.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Red Christmas Tree at Timbuktu

Things are looking mighty festive at Timbuktu Java Bar in Freeland (previously known as 1504 Coffeehouse). I couldn't resist drawing the red Christmas tree on the counter, but there was tons of other wonderful stuff to draw on future visits - including the adorable Dylan, the proprietors' son. You can sure tell an artist is in charge of this place. The owners were very gracious and welcoming to our big noisy group of sketchers. The food was great, too. We'll definitely be back. Soon, I hope!

At Timbuktu Coffeehouse in Freeland

Things that made me happy at the Coffeehouse - all the scrumptious             fresh baked delicacies and
   Lisbeth's birthday!!

Game Boy @ Timbuktu

I think this is Lauren's son and the fabulous red lamp.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Great Whidbey Spots

Two different spots with equally interesting subjects to sketch today.
Christmas decorations @ Timbuktu Java Bar and Gallery in Freeland

Cruzer & friend at China City in Freeland

Happy Birthday 2...You!

You've got a great smile, Lisbeth! Thank you for lighting up the room! Happy Birthday!

Sorry. Didn't mean to make you look like Howdy Doody!


Today it really is all about

Lisbeth looking fabulous

Lisbeth looking lost

Lisbeth looking fierce


Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Pageant

Waiting to perform in Pageant

The Holy Couple, Baby & Shepard

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Pageant at the Unitarian Church

Our group was invited to exhibit our sketches at the Unitarian Church's lobby art gallery in January and February. In conjunction with that, we were also invited to sketch at their Christmas Pageant dress rehearsal yesterday. This is Judi's wonderful sketch collage of the event which I think will make it's way into the show!

Judi says:

"What a wonderful group of nativity animals. Of course the people (Mary, Joseph, the Magi, innkeeper's family) were grand, but the animals (from the sheep and camel, to the dove, donkey and adorable barn kittens) were very, very special. It was hard to pick any one participant to sketch, so I tried to do them all!"